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Title: Impact (Read it here on Ao3)
Fandom: Shingeki no Kyojin/Attack on Titan
Pairing: Levi/Erwin
Rating: M

Summary: When a car accident causes Levi to suffer from severe memory loss, Erwin has to adjust to living with someone who doesn’t even remember him and tries to win his heart…

One of my favorite fanfics <3

[Eruri] Ohayou Smith-kun



おはようスミスくん【腐】 | アリコ
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Translation & Typeset: nanatsuji-ya.tumblr

So cute ♡

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Emma Stone 2014 appearance outfits so far.

Even when times are at their hardest don’t let it show on your face if the captain is shaken the team will waver All of your words and actions are watched by all your teammates never forget that… you have to become the guidepost for the team